Dr. Mark Woolf is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in total joint arthroplasty surgeries. As one of the founders of AOA Orthopedic Specialists, he renders the most comprehensive surgical care for all hip and knee injuries. He specializes in primary, revision replacements and non-surgical treatments of the hip and knee.



From hip labral tears to hip strains, from total hip bursitis pain to a fractured pelvis and everything in between, AOA Orthopedic Specialists has a comprehensive list of procedures we can employ to get you back to a comfortable and stable life.


If you suffer from Arthritis in the Hip or Knee and have trouble walking or standing, you could benefit from a Joint Replacement. Most patients who undergo Joint Replacement surgery experience a dramatic reduction of Joint pain and return to daily life.


Knee pain can effect people of any age and for any number of reasons.  The anatomy of the knee is quite complex, incorporating several ligaments, bones, and tendons.  Only skilled orthopedic and knee specialists should treat knee-related injuries.

Serving The Community Since 1987

Dr. Mark Woolf, also a native Arlington, TX resident, is one of the original founders of AOA Orthopedic Specialists and specializes primarily in hip and knee replacement surgery of patients.

When Dr. Woolf completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Texas at Arlington, he began medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston in 1980. He then made his way back to North Texas for his internship and residency at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth.

While Dr. Woolf has kept proximity to home throughout his medical career, he also actively leads and organizes medical mission work in Guatemala on an annual basis with Faith In Practice.

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